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Jun 3, 2005
Hello & welcome

Don't worry about feeling overwhelmed, we nearly all start out that way! Deal with things one thing at a time, almost 1 day at a time; don't try to anticipate what may happen next wkk/month/year (because it may not).

So far as posting here, your thread (entitled 'any body out there?!') is under the section called Tea Room, and already has a few replies & greetings. If you go back to it, scroll down to the bottom & click on the tab for Post reply (bottom left hand side under the last reply) your 2nd post will appear there when you have composed & submitted it.

Just tell us a little about your situation; who has dementia (Mum/Dad etc.), how does it affect their lives & behaviour, have they been diagnosed by the doctor, do they live alone, do you live nearby or far from home, are you the only carer, what particular difficulties are you trying to deal with?

Although every case is as different as the individual patient, there are certain similarities which crop up again & again, so you may get some useful advice from people who have already been through the stage where you are now. As ASDA would say "We're Here to Help"

Best Wishes