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May 20, 2003
Roomy footwear

The site may help you - specialises in shoes & slippers for swollen feet etc and if for a medical condition - you dont pay VAT ! some styles can b ebought on line - but I'd send for catalogue to see everything they do. (I'm not on cmmission but have seen catalogue - most 'Disability/mobility aid shops ' sell this brand too if a shop near you).

From the site -


Ladies EEEEE+ Fitting and Men's HH+ Fitting

The widest, deepest and roomiest footwear you'll find on our web-site is the unique Cosyfeet range. This range is ideal if shop shoes simply won't fit because your feet are swollen, bandaged or exceptionally wide. They are made on special lasts using the most comfortable soft leather or fabrics we can find.

There are lace-up, easy fasten Velcro and slip-on options in a range of colours and materials. Some styles feature super-light soles which are ideal if you require exceptionally lightweight footwear. Others have a polyurethane sole which is slightly heavier but offers enhanced durability, flexibility and greater shock absorption. Slippers and casual footwear styles have indoor/outdoor soles which are suitable for everyday wear.

Cosyfeet footwear is available for purchase with VAT Relief for customers needing our shoes because of a medical condition. See our Vat Relief Guide for more information.


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Aug 10, 2004
Well done chris, I have just recieved the shoes i ordered for mum after seeing your post about cosy feet.They came the day after ordering and are a lovely fit plus they are a top quality shoe and they were in the sale for only 20pounds,its made my day.I am now going to order mum some hold up stockings with soecial tops which they also do.I would advise anyone to order thier catalogue loads of useful things in it.