Food problem


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Apr 19, 2006
Cheshire, UK.
Can anyone tell me how i can get my father to eat his meat at mealtimes? I cook him a dinner every night because he won`t eat anything "snacky" i.e. baked potatoe with cheese beans or veg and chicken, most of it ends up in the bin!!! If i cook dinner, he`ll eat lots except for the meat, which he seems to spit out..... no matter how tender it is. He`s always enjoyed his meat and i always buy the best cuts, so i`m finding it increasingly frustrating to find most of it in the bin! I`ve cut down the size of portions i give him, but still says i give him too much. I worry that he`ll be losing more weight that he can`t afford to lose. I got him up to 10st 2lbs but he`s only 9st 7lbs now. Does this happen to everyone with A.D. Dad has just entered the moderate stage of A.D. I don`t like to think of him wasting away, and people thinking i`m neglecting him!