Flooded out


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Our house was flooded, I've just moved home after being put up firstly by wonderful strangers on Friday night, and since then we've been with my husband's sister who lives nearby (but on higher ground!) We have a brook running through our village and it overflowed due to the rain, thankfully it's not affected by the rivers that have burst their banks.

I found the courage to tell my parents on Sunday - my dad has been on the phone almost constantly, he keeps forgetting that he's already checked my new address and phone number (um, dad, you've called me on the phone, I guess you have the right number :rolleyes: ) Then he phones to talk about my planned visit to them next month when I'll go down with my kids to visit for a few days. Because both mum and dad are not the people they used to be, we'll be staying in a hotel. I've lost count of how many times dad has told me that he's booked us into a hotel, the same one we stayed in last time (nope, never been there), in the exact same room (nope!!), oh, and this was after I phoned him initially to tell him that I had booked the hotel - guess I should be grateful he booked me into the same one I was already booked into - confused, so was the hotel receptionist!!

I have no patience right now with my parents. I just want to scream every time the phone rings cos I know it's probably dad going over the same old stuff.

And yet, they phone - this is something they haven't done for such a long time. Mum used to phone every week for a long chat and she hasn't done that for months. But now she asks to speak to me, tho dad initiates the phone calls, and I get a glimpse of the person she used to be. I don't know how much she understands or remembers, but I guess the trauma of what I'm going through, her youngest child, and her grandchildren, has touched a part of her that can still reach out and be "normal".

I don't know why I'm posting - I guess because you here will understand my frustrations at the constant phone calls and repeated questions.

I saw a post about loss of sense of smell. My dad has been missing the loo when he uses the downstairs bathroom, but insists there is no problem, even though the smell is, apparently, over-powering. Even my mum has noticed it. Thank goodness my sister lives close enough to visit them every day, and she's insisted that the flooring in the bathroom is replaced. Trouble is, it won't stop the problem. She's asked dad to sit down, but he just doesn't see, or smell, the problem. I guess the next phase will be incontinence - flooding of another sort :p :cool:

Thanks for TP being here - a safe haven for me to come and moan :eek:


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland

Sorry you've been flooded out. Is there much damage to your home? We've all been wondering how many members had been flooded and unable to post -- you're the first to get back to us.

I can understand your frustration with the constant phone calls, it must be very wearing. I guess it's just a need for reassurance, combined with forgetting that he's just rung. Perhaps once you've been to visit he'll be more settled -- or perhaps not!:(

I'm afraid the wet loo floor is pretty common too, I have this regularly with John. His problem is that he pulls back from the loo too soon, so his clothes tend to get wet too. He's borderline incontinent, worst at night with the occasional accident during the day. Our night floods have to be seen to be believed!:eek:

Come and moan as often as you like, there's always someone to sympathise.



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Hi Hazel

thanks for your reply, I realised after I'd posted this, that I hadn't asked if anyone else had been flooded out - I didn't realise it was so wide-spread for a day or two because I didn't have any access to the news, so it was a real shock.

We had about 6 inches, thankfully it went down almost as quickly as it came in - I guess it was several hours that we had water in the house. It all happened so fast, we had no warning at all. About 20 houses in my street were flooded, some a lot worse than me as their houses are lower down, and they had furniture floating. Our carpet and kitchen and conservatory floors are ruined, and we're not sure what's going to happen with our furniture as it obviously got very wet at the bottom, but the sofa feels wet, or at least damp, to sit on, I guess it's just the damp rising. We haven't heard from our Loss Adjustor yet, or the cleaning company assigned by our insurance. The waiting is frustrating, but I'm very aware that we got off lightly compared to so many people.

We have water and electricity and the internet (not sure if it's a good thing or bad, as it keeps distracting me from the clearing up LOL). We're hoping to get the carpet out tonight, and hope that will help get rid of the stink. Maybe by the time I go to visit my folks, my nose will be so used to foul smells that I won't notice the stink from dad's bathroom!!! Thankfully he doesn't smell - yet!

I do hope other members here are okay - I keep trying to find the positive in everything that's happened, and have to say that I'm really glad we're finally be able to get a new carpet - it was old when we moved in, 13 years ago, and has gone through 2 kids, a dog and 3 hamsters with all the little "accidents" that go with little creatures!!!

I'm off to do some more cleaning - LOL, just thought of another positive - all this exercise, carrying out bin bags full of wet rubbish, and carrying other things upstairs out of the way, plus all the cleaning that needs doing - maybe I'll actually lose some weight :D


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Nov 28, 2005
So sorry to hear about your flooding. You may think others are worse but it is still BAD for YOU, especially with all the other issues you have to cope with.

I also have the wet loo floor to contend with - I clean up after every visit!! (Another form of flooding!!).

Glad you can post and hope you can let go your feelings as you must be getting highly frustrated on many counts.

Take care Beckyjan

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Oh BeadieJay, what a nightmare.

The thought of having to leave your home is bad enough, but then to need patience with over anxious parents, who have suddenly found a renewed sense of protectiveness towards you, but are driving you up the wall at the same time, well, you need the patience of a saint.
No wonder it is getting you down.

I do hope you`ll be home soon. At least one problem will be solved.

Love xx

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
There's a silver lining to every cloud

Yes, a new carpet and possible weight loss program. You definitely have the right attitude & a sense of humour which will help you through a lot.

I understand the constant phone calls. It can certainly grind you down. But one day the calls taper off & gradually will stop. Then, believe it or not, you will miss the calls and the sound of their voices. Until that time, I wish you patience. Because we can all use more of that!

Take care,


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Dec 1, 2006
Really sorry to hear your news. You must be going frantic. It sounds as if you are bearing up heroically, which is more than I would do in the same situation. I do hope that things get back to normal really soon. It must be completely exasperating to be worrying about your parents on top of everything else. Perfectly understandable. Wishing you the very best in all your challenges. Kind regards, Deborah

fearful fiona

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Apr 19, 2007
Sorry to hear about floods (of both sorts). I too was wondering how many TPers had been affected, so best of luck in getting it all sorted.

On "the other sort of flood" (which I have to cope with my Dad) I suppose we could start our own sort of flood helpline. Perhaps we could negotiate some sort of discount for bulk buying of new carpets, flooring etc.

All the best.....


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Jul 10, 2006
south lanarkshire

Sorry to hear you have been flooded. It is very traumatic.

I remember in the late 80,s we had a house on the seafront in Saltcoats. There was a freak tide and the sea came over and burst the sea wall. Fortunately we had a large basement, so the water never got as far as the ground floor, although we lost whatever was stored in the basement and the garden was under water for about a week, with garden shed and furniture floating.

We also lost my dearly loved Toyota Celica. A very large piece of wood, log, railway sleeper?? came over the sea wall and wrecked the radiator, engine, etc.

With all the trauma of the flood and dealing with insurances, I don't know what I would have done, if Mum and Dad were like they are now.

I can only offer my sincere symphathy to you and the same to all of the unfortunate people who have been affected by the terrible flooding.

It makes me more determined to do my little bit to protect the enviroment

Take care



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Thank you all so much for your replies - I read some of them last night but couldn't bring myself to comment as I was close to tears, but tears of happiness of a sort, because I was so touched by all that you said.

Today I definitely wept tears of anger and frustration. I phoned the council (both Parish and District) to see if they could offer any help, and the only thing they offered was to collect flood damaged rubbish for us. I'm hoping it's for free :rolleyes: :p

We've started to pull up the carpet - it's a slow and very messy job - it looks like there was once a very nice floor underneath, but it is ruined, so covering it with rugs won't be an option.

Some of our neighbours are having to find rented accommodation, as their homes won't be dry for about 4 months. I'm hoping we'll be able to stay here, but probably won't find out till next week.

Gotta go - more cleaning to do!!!

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear BeadieJay

I think you are being wonderful about this. I can`t imagine the horror, and honestly don`t think I would cope.

Some interviews on the radio and TV have told about the stoicism of those affected, without electricity and drinking water, and said there has been little anger or talk of recrimination.

I hope you get dried out and clean again, as soon as possible. Not to be able to get home for 4 months, :eek: :eek: :eek:


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Feb 17, 2006
Oh I do feel for you .

Please to read that your all OK , even thought emotionally , must feel horrible so am sending you a big Warm ((((hug))))

Silly question , but am wondering is the heating working ?

because all I can imagine , how cold it must feel while its all drying out


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Aug 9, 2005
I do feel for you so much. We were very fortunate in the recent floods here to escape, but neighbours were not so lucky.

Such an ordeal to go through. You are doing briilliantly!! Hope the Loss Assessor can speed things up for you so you can get "back to normal" as soon as possible.

Sending you very caring thoughts and wishes.