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First time


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Aug 9, 2013
Hi this is the first time ive plucked up the courage to say anything.
I live with young onset dementia. My husband is my full time carer. Im not sure if talking point is going to be helpful or not . But i want to give it a go.


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Mar 1, 2013
West Hertfordshire
Welcome! The joy of talking point is, there is always someone to listen, someone who has been there, or ( very probably!) that you can help by offering insight


Volunteer Moderator
Jul 14, 2006
Hello Watsonmaz and welcome to TP.

There is an abundance of help, support and friendship on the forum. I am sure that both you and your husband will find the forum helpful. Take a look around and please join us whether it is for just a chat or on the not so good days feel free to have a rant too, always someone ready to listen.

Take care,



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Sep 17, 2010
Hi and welcome.

I hope you and your husband will both find TP helpful - as a source of advice on practical "life" and health problems and of fellowship with people who really do understand the issues you're facing, aren't shocked and have maybe trodden your road before you. I've found TP has been of enormous help to me.