First respite


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May 29, 2012
East Yorkshire
Hi, My husband is having 7 days respite, 22-29 April, we receive guaranteed pension credit for both of us, and he gets high care, low mobility, DLA. I have been told there will be a charge to pay, 25% £100 approx. I have 2 questions, do I need to inform DWP? will I lose his money as well as having to pay the charge? I am worried as a forum poster said when this happened to them there was a misunderstanding, respite care was thought to be permanent care, resulting in a big financial mess, which I wish to avoid.


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Mar 24, 2012
If it's only for seven days it makes no difference to your benefits, my husband has respite and they send a bill about 2 months afterwards and that is all,you do not have to inform DWP unless it is over I think 9 or 12 weeks,

PS sorry I just looked and it's 28 days ,
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