First outing


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Mar 31, 2004
Today, for the first time since she went into care six weeks ago, I took my Mum out for a few hours. She had a fall, and couldn't walk, but is now recovered. I took the dog, collected Mum, who was promptly pounced on by dog and almost licked to death, and we went to a large park near her care home (I'm not sure I dare bring her home). It was a lovely few hours - we walked quite a lot, probably much more than she has in weeks, the dog was scampering around, then we sat on a bench having a chat. She was so happy to be there! We finished sitting outside the park cafe with a very large cappuccino each, enjoying the glorious weather. I got her back to the home just in time for her lunch. I have been feeling guilty about her going into a home, and I suppose I always will, but at least I can give her outings, when she is up to it and the weather allows, not to mention little treats when I visit. Today has made me feel better about the situation, especially since there was no problem when I took her back. I left her with her very nice lunch - tired but happy.


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May 20, 2004
Well done Claire

I am so pleased to hear it was a success.

We've had Auntie out 3 times in all now. 1st was with lots of back up and involved a walk and an ice cream. 2nd was on impulse when just the 2 of us took a short walk with the dog and 3rd was for her birthday outing yesterday.

I had a discussion with one of her friends this morning and we agreed that we feel any outing now tires her sufficiently that she is unlikely to put up a fight about going back to the home.

I still won't risk going in the direction of her house and I will be very careful about timing it just before a meal but I feel much happier at the prospect now.

After the success of the Birthday party yesterday I am now starting to think about the next big hurdle - Christmas! She has always travelled up to be with us but I don't think its going to be an option 1) because its too much like "home" and 2) it will add at least 3 hours to her day (6 to ours!) which I realise will be a definite no-no.

Do we attempt to take her out to her favourite haunt again - not my idea of Christmas I'm afraid (and possibly already booked up), or does she stay at the home?

I hope you get to enjoy many more outings with your Mum, let us know how you get on.



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Jul 31, 2004

me and my mum took gran out on her 1st outing this week she was very anxious about where we were going and kept asking if we were going to dump her, once we got to the shops sher eally came alive, reading all the prices saying loudly that everything was expensive, and talking to all the little children me and mum agreed that she had definatly enjoyed herself and we will definatly take her out again, we need 2 as she is incontinent and unable now to walk more than a few steps but shes still not bad for almost 94.


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Dec 11, 2003
Tully, Qld, Australia
Dear Kriss and Nikita,

It's wonderful to read your posts about successful trips - I'm almost envious. Keep them up, even if it means having an 'odd Xmas Day'. A change of scenery is great while they can still manage to cope.

My father loves going out and my mother hates it!! She sits in the back seat of the car and repeatedly says 'Where are we going? Are we going home yet? I want to go to the loo now.' All this before we've even left the driveway. Much rolling of eyes [from me] and lots of muttering from Dad....

Because of the 'loo' business, which is a nervous reation Mum now has to stepping outside the front door, [her sense of security] we have to plot a grid reference by way of public WC's. Thank God for the Disabled Loo Key.

My mother, who was the most self contained person before, is now totally freaked out if she doesn't have 100% attention from my father, every single second of the day! Consequently, it's almost as if she deliberately sets out to sabotage any trip we make. She can be a monumental pain in the butt and whines and whinges until my father wants to take her home for a bit of peace and quiet. It totally wrecks the day and poor old Dad can't enjoy himself because my mother complains so much.

I took my father to the Doctor on Friday and we all had to go en masse, including the carer. Apparently my mother put on an Academy Award permformance in the waiting room while Dad and I went to talk to the Doctor.

Sometimes I feel like chopping her up into VERY SMALL pieces....