First day of respite care


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Mar 23, 2006
:) The day has finally come . After Jims dramatic tantrum last week where I had to lock myself in my bedroom for safety and the subsequent visits from his CPN , Jim has today gone to the Day centre it has not been an easy time waiting for this day he has done everything he can to get out of going but since the intervention of the CPN and family members who are now fully aware that Jim has these temper tantrums he knows he cannot talk his way out of going off for two days a week to give me some respite.
I literally ran down the drive and into the Car as soon as Jim left for the Day centre...I have been to the opticians and ordered my new Glasses ( it was either that or get myself a white Stick my sight was getting so bad.!!) been to the hairdressers and had my hair cut and blow dried and then called at a little cafe for a spot of lunch. Absolute bliss I am going to meet him at about three oclock and fingers crossed he has had a good time even if he says he will not go again it is worth all the hassle persuading him to go .just to have some time to myself. I shall keep you posted on how things have gone.



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Jul 3, 2007
Hi Judith

I'm so pleased for you. It is good that you are making the most of the time to catch up on all those things that have had to wait and wait, including some pampering! Do remember that you also need to take time to just put your feet up and savour the peace and quiet.

Take care

Liz x

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear Judith,

What a lovely post. You have made the best of your day and have enjoyed it so much, I hope you have many more such enjoyable days.

I live in hope.;)

Love xx

Linda Mc

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Jul 3, 2005
Nr Mold
Judith so pleased you have had a lovely day, keep that thought in your mind now when times are bad.

Yesterday my Crossroads lady said they are able to offer me another session and the words yes please were out of my mouth so fast it near took my breath away!

Hope the next session goes as well for you.

Linda x


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Dear Judith, so glad you've had such a lovely day. Let's hope Jim has enjoyed it, and will go again next week.

These few hours to do just what we want are so precious.



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Jan 5, 2007
Respite makes a big difference doesn't it Judith...even if it is for a few hours...makes you feel human again and able to take on the world...well almost:D


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Feb 17, 2006
So pleased for you also :) it reminds me of my mother going to her first respite , that she also did not want to go,

[that feeling of time out alone was great ]

but after 3 half years of no breaks i really needed it, first 8/12 weeks was hard going getting mum to go, she would be at me all night that she not going so I would agree that she did not have to go , or she would not settle to sleep , but next morning I'll get her up and she go complaining, now year half on , mum just love it .
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Feb 26, 2006

No matter how the day went for Jim it obviously went well with you. Whether the day went well for Jim or not it seems to have been very good for you and that is equally important. Do try to harden your heart and think of yourself a little more and do not submit to self imposed moral blackmail.

If you are to continue as a carer you must realise that your welfare is as important (probable more) than Jim's.

Hope everything went well.



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Mar 23, 2006
Thankyou all for your comments and good wishes.
We only live around the corner from the Day Centre , that was one of the stumbling blocks as Jim thinks there is some sort of stigma in going there. However he was alittle agitated at first but they managed to settle him down giving him lots of one to one attention at first...he told them he didn't eat meat..( not true) and that he wasn't hungry at lunch time ...however they persuaded him to have something to eat. This often happens with Jim he will often tell me he is not hungry even if I know he hasn't had anything to eat for a few hours...usually I get round this by saying that I am Hungry and will make him something just in case...he always eats it, sometimes its the other way round and he will say he is Hungry even though he has just had a meal.
After Lunch he became a little agitated and said he wanted to come home he was quite insistant so one of the carer's walked round with him when he realised I was out he said " I haven't got a key so I will have to come back with you" to the carer he then settled for the afternoon chatting to the other patients played carpet bowls and knew most of the answers to the music quiz.
When I went to pick him up at three oclock I could see him through the side window he was laughing and chatting quite amicably As soon as he spotted me he smiled and waved came up and kissed me on the cheek and said " your hair looks nice have you had it done?"
He is going again next week on the wednesday and thursday.
What a relief it felt like taking a child to school for the first day . I am keeping my fingers crossed that he settles well next week ....I cannot believe how different I feel just having this one day off.


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