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First day at day care in nursing home asked not to come back


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Aug 17, 2015
It was my father in laws first day at a local nursing home. When we picked him up this evening we were asked not to bring him back because of innapropriate behaviour. We knew he had become more sexual, we had told them this on his assessment. What I am wondering is a) is this common with dementia, b) are we going to find that we can not place him in any day car, c) were does this leave us? We are not able to be around during the day and he is desperate for some interaction with other people.


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Jun 6, 2011
Hi Bewleys, welcome to the forum.

Your problem is fairly common - I've seen it talked about on the forum before, so you may find that using the Search facility will help you find other people's experience coping with it.

It may be that there is another nursing home in the vicinity where the staff are more capable of dealing with this, distracting him with suitable activities perhaps. Possibly there is some medicine that could help.

Another idea might be to get him a companion to come to his house, or take him on little outings. Probably a male companion, if that can be arranged by a local care agency.