Finding a combination lockable drugs cabinet.....a practical request.....


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Nov 21, 2006
I have been looking for a smallish, metal cabinet with a combination lock [Not keys as they will definitely be lost!] to put my Dad's medication in, as he keeps on losing it and it's become a running farce of repeat prescriptions and could be dangerous if he mixes up what he's taking ~ he has several drugs, including Warfarin.

If ANYONE knows where I can get a box or cabinet like this I would be most grateful.....I have been doing research, but the ones I've found have either had keys with them or have been ridiculously expensive with digital combination locks.....there must be something simple available somewhere, at a reasonable price.....

I'd be very grateful for any suggestions/information.....

Regards and thanks,


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Jun 27, 2006
Something that occurs to me - what about a cash box? I realise that it probably couldn't be screwed to the wall, which might make it impractical, but I have a small one that has a combination lock which is on a wire so that can be looped through something solid that wasn't very expensive.