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Find One Find all


Registered User
Apr 7, 2008
Lancashire England
I have just received a key finder from US. It is really fantastic. Mum is always losing her keys and the keys we need for different areas in the house so I tagged them all last night. Mum said she couldn't find the internal door keys so I pressed the location number on my key ring and the internal door keys started beeping. We found them in seconds (under mum's pillow).
It really works and you can tag up to 36 items. It's a godsend and highly recommended .:):)


Registered User
Mar 27, 2008
Hello Desperado

This sounds a brilliant device. How did you find it and where did you order it from. I am very interested as Alan is always losing the keys to the garage, shed and windows. The house keys he keeps on a chain in his pocket so they are not so much of a problem. When he loses the other keys, it upsets things for hours. I am very good at finding things now but I would be interested in a gadget that saved me from this chore.

Love Helen


Registered User
Apr 7, 2008
Lancashire England
Hi Helen
There is a website - www.FindOneFindAll.com. They show the instruction leaflet, prices and different types of things available. They work really well and you only have to have one key ring to find all of the others. You can also attach small credit card type things to remote controls, wallets, handbags etc.
Hope you find the website - any problems send another message.

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