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Financial Support for Carer


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Nov 7, 2013
Hi all,

Wondering if anyone can help - my Dad was diagnosed with Alzheimer's 2 years ago, he currently receives PIP (higher rate) and mobility. Up until recently my Mom was going in a few times a week to help him out, but she will now be moving away (they've been divorced a long time) so I am going to need to do more. Before now I would go round a couple times a month.

I've had it agreed with my work that I can change my working hours, so that once a fortnight I'll have a day off to spend the entire day at my Dad's to help with whatever he needs - I'll also be going over a couple evenings a week to help with meals etc.

My boss seems to think that I should be entitled to some form of financial support, as I'll now be his main carer but I'm struggling to find anything definitive.

Can anyone shed some light on this?


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May 21, 2014
It's mostly the person with dementia who is entitled. There is Attendance Allowance or in his case PIP, and following that, council tax exemption. He is also entitled to a needs assessment by Social Services (and you are to a carers assessment) which could open the doors to more support. If your Dad is not self-funding, he might receive certain support subsidised.

You yourself would not be entitled to Carers Allowance if you earn more than £110 a week, but you could always ask about certain carers grants or one off payments that may or may not be available in your borough.

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