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Jul 19, 2005
I have received a Financil Assesment Form to fill in for Residential accommodation. I think the form is illegal. I read somewhere on this site about getting half my husbands pension but i cant find it. So if anyone know's where it is please tell me.
The form i received is all about how much my husband gets and has owned ( one question is says " Have you ever owed any property? If yes please give details which must include addresses of property dates of ownership reason for disposal) So i have put our first house we sold 27years ago to buy a bigger house to start a family. It does not say anywhere on the form " does your spouse still live in the house" It only has Do you own/part own your dwelling house and all the income he has. Nowhere has a thing about a joint account it just asks for the bank account. It does say on it in bold YOU SHOULD HAVE RECEIVED LEAFLETS Moving into residential or nursing care home Money matters General information and Legal information, free personal and nursing home care- in care homes. I have never received these. If i hadn't done a lot of research into all this The Council / Social Services would take all. I have been told a lot of carers are falling into the councils trap the way the form has been done.
If i am to get half my husbands occupation pension is it the net or basic as it will make a diffence to me? Basic will mean i have enough to pay all the bills but not enough to eat.Net will mean i am £75 a month to pay the bills and then left nothing to eat. They are talking about putting him into the nursing home at the end of next week yet i haven't seen it. It takes months to sort out benifits. Surely all this should have been soted out before all this was done.
I have my dad in hospital as well they have put him in a ward with Dementia suffers he is very unhappy. He hasn't got Dementia my mum died 3 years ago of it and with my husband with it and the situation i have been put in everyone is saying it is awful NHS have done this. Unfortuantly SS have tried to get involved with my Dad he and i have sent them packing. Its caused a stir with the hospital and SS as i have everything arranged with his neigbours who he has known for a very long time and are very happy to help out so that SS do not get involved. To help him with shopping and getting his strength back and also to give him company. He also wants that. SS were only going to send someone 30mins in the morning and 30mins at teatime for a week. As he said what use is that and what if i wanted a long lie.
If SS insist that goes ahead i will stay with my Dad or bring him to my house and then see what happens.NHS and SS are making us both ill. He is Diabetic and they are giving him meals full of salt and that he doesnt like and his blood sugar has went low. This has only happened since he went into hospital.Nightmare of a week

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
Dear Chip.

If you have a financial assessment form to fill in and don`t understand any part of it, get help to fill it in. Ask either Age Concern, [I know you are young, but they might help you], or failing that, CAB.

You won`t get a second chance if any part of it is wrong, so make sure it`s right from the start.

At the same tiome, you could get further advice from CAB about your dealings with SS.

Love xx


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Mar 21, 2003
Dear Chip,

I've seen the form you are talking about and it is incredibly intimidating. Large print at the top regarding legal obligations etc etc. Ours was green and yellow. Frankly the form disgusted my mum and I and it couldn't have come at a worst time in our lives.

Our social worker was helpful and explained the implications of completing the form in detail.

One thing for sure is that you do not have to complete the form to get Attendance Allowance, Nursing Fees. However, you must complete this form to get full funding (I'm pretty sure).

It sounds like you need help with this and I can only reiterate the advice of other members of the form. See the CAB or find someone with some financial knowledge to help you with it. I'd also contact the social services as the form should come with an explanation leaflet.

Kind Regards


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Nov 7, 2004
Hi Chip

I agree you should see the Citizen's Advice Bureau.

Ask them to give you a photocopy of the completed form so you have a record of what you have put on the form.

All the best.


Margaret W

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Apr 28, 2007
North Derbyshire

I am so fed up with these complicated forms (and I'm an accountant and used to dealing with such forms, including Revenue and Customs), that I am tempted to suggest you send a copy to your MP and ask for his help in completing it.

As if we don't have anything else to cope with!

I just find it totally appalling. I could scream.

When I retire (soon), my first job is to find a way of offering help on form-filling to people who have to fill the things in.

Best of luck



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Jul 19, 2005
Well scream yes i could its really bad. I am also on DLA high mobility and med care but all i hear is about everything is for my husband and SS are still expecting me to cope with all the forms and stress/ worry. Not only that they plan on putting my husband into the NH on Friday this will be before the cost has been worked out and even though i have found this out " If you are eligible for financil help we will tell you how much we will pay and make sure you know how much you will pay, before you move into NH care " Why do they not stick to there own rules? Just wait till i go to the hospital and see my consultant as i am going to take all that has went on with me. After all it was a SW that would not get any more help for me so i could go to the doctors to get treated. I never want a thing to do with them. I may not be able to balance or walk good but i still do everything around the house as i am so determined i will never allow a SW near me.


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Jul 31, 2007
When my husband was placed in E.M.I. by Consultant, it was either the Hospital unit or Care Home. I wanted Peter to go to a really good Care Home I had found. He settled in immediately and he remembered me taking him there with a upport Worker who is also a very close friend. The useless S.W. said nothing about contributions from me. I filled in a form income-outgoings. Now we are both under 65 and have a mortgage. As I am disabled my income is D.L.A. high rate, S.D.A. and Pension Credit. My contribution to C.H. was high. I could not afford it and C.H. manager told me not to worry, write back to the Council. Lo and behold they halfed the bill. I had to visit my bank to arrage an overdraft to pay for C.H. They also gave me a break from paying mortgage which ends December. As the C.H. are applying for Continual Care for Peter, I was advised to send letters to relevant people. This I have done.On Friday, I contacted the Financial Assesment Section and explained situation. Worry of house being repossed etc. This very helpfull person told me that if that happened, as I am disabled I would be the responsibility of Local Authority and it would cost £500 per week to care for me. So that is the final letter sent. Now it is a waiting game. The Manager of C.H. told be at the beinging that as the Council have block bookings, query bill as they always half it afterwards. Pension Credit deducted £50 per week stating I am a single person. Peter with Incapacity Benefit could not have any allowances for me, my pension of £26 per week I cannot have, nor could we get Carers Allowance. Their b***y stupid reason is that I receive £60 p.w. Severe Disablity Allowance.