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Financial costs for family member


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Jan 11, 2016
Hello, my father went into a care home on December 23rd 2015 with dementia, he is 92. I cared for him when he was living in his housing association bungalow, I am his daughter and next of kin.
Tomorrow I am seeing a solicitor about getting a Guardian deputy ship for myself because I cannot access his bank account.
My real question is, I am a single parent ( an older mum) and I get government help in the form of child tax allowance and family tax allowance. I have already paid out £200 for a skip hire, will have to pay for my son to hire a van to get the rest of the furnishings removed and the Guardian deputy ship will cost about £1, 700, £400 will have to payed up front to the court, which I will have to pay, the rest will go to the solicitor and I should get the £400 back in about 6 months time. It is straight after Christmas and that £600 + is money I will need, I am self employed.
Can I get any financial help with the costs regarding the above or has anyone been i that situation. I do not own my own home, I pay rent to a Housing Association. Also there are five of us children, but I am the only one who has stayed in contact with my father and been there for him over the years.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, any responses would be very much appreciated. I am probably clutching at straws here, but the worry and stress of it all is causing problems, as I have medical conditions, but I am not disabled.
With reagrds


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Dec 15, 2012
Hi RRB76
and welcome to TP at what is not an easy time for you
I don't have experience with deputyship - and you've no doubt considered this - but is there any chance at all of arranging Powers of Attorney? As you only mention deputyship, I guess your dad is no long considered to have capacity at all. But if he could agree to and sign the POAs, that would be much more straight forward for you - he needs to understand at the moment of signing even if he may not have capacity all the time, and have forgotten later.
sorry not to be much help myself, but others will be, and there are other threads about these issues
best wishes


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Jul 20, 2011
...and following on from that...if you do Power of Attorney on line it is £110 for each one or £55 if financial circumstances dictate - a huge saving from the cost of a solicitor


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Feb 25, 2014
Radcliffe on Trent
I think that all the expenses associated with your father's needs will be reclaimable from his funds once the Deputyship or POA is in place. Assume you have receipts/invoices for all of these and would be able to prove they were necessary expenses if needed? That would include the costs of solicitors etc. POAs can be set up without them, and even deputyships, but if there are several siblings you may feel it is better to use a solicitor to guard against any possible future dispute.

If the issue is cash flow until the funds are available, there may be a way of accessing some of your dad's funds for immediate expenses; ask the solicitor about this when you see him/her.
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Jan 11, 2016
Thank you to those who have replied, as it's a lonely and an upsetting time right now.
We live in England and I have looked online at POA and spoke to his Social Care manager when he was in hospital, he was found wandering about outside his home in the early hours of the morning, in November, the police knocked on my door to inform me, just the once. I'm sure my father wouldn't be able to fully understand and give consent to any POA, he was ill at the weekend and hit out at the GP :( which is not in his character, so a Court deputy ship looks more likely.
I will ask questions today when I see solicitor and go from there.

Many thanks.