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Final Stages


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Jun 21, 2016
After not being able to see my mum due to the various lock downs and various rules around the UK (i live in Wales, mum is in English care home), we have been saddened to see she has lost 5 stones in a year. Is this now one of the final stages of this evil disease? My mum isn't bed bound but is constantly walking up and down the corridor and wont sit still for more than a few minutes. I was able to spend time with her yesterday and had to stay in her room, but every time she passed by I would give her some sweets or crisps which she took and munched on. I know carers cant be constantly feeding her this way although I have been told that they have tried doing this. How long can this go on before the body decides enough is enough! She is skin and bones bless her. Has anyone else been through or going through this please? Thank you.


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Dec 15, 2012
hi @Tiamaria88
I'm glad you got to visit your mum, though appreciate it's tough to see how she is now

in dad's home there were several residents who were walking most of the day, it seemed to soothe them, but also used a lot of energy ... the staff made great efforts to monitor how much they ate and offered them finger food to eat on the move ... some were given those nutritious drinks that are high in calories .... and staff did usually find some point in the day when the resident sat for a while and accepted food
I did notice that eventually each person began to sit more often

do chat with the staff if you get the chance and ask whether your mum is being given any additional nutrition as you understand how difficult it is when she's on the move so much