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Fentynal and Alzheimers


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Dec 30, 2011
Hi My mum has had Alzheimers for about 4 years . Everything going great every 6 months had the test always the same result. July last year she had her hip replaced, then the pain started in her back . had an xray wedge fractures. In the mean times in November time for her regular 20 question test , this time she got 17 out of 20. Ny this time the pain is unbearable for her , so the doc put her on fentynal patches , .This when it all started , maybe coincidence , talking to people , shadowing, keeps talking over us as if we not there, at Dusk she turns into , always the toilet . We had the Alzheimers doc out to the house 3 weeks ago , they did the 20 question test and only got 5. Booked in for a brain scan , as doc says too quick 3 months to get to this stage. doc doesn't know if Fentynal ,. Within the last couple of days things have got worse,can't even says she needs the toilet , she just points to back or front , she has forgotten everything . Even puts shoes on and says she going outside , we say cold out there , she replies it's ok I have a big thick coat on under my nighty.

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