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Feeling so lost

Nanny k

Registered User
Mar 31, 2020
Hello everyone me and my family have had such an emotional day today . My poor husband who has Vascular Dementia had a series of seizures today. I have never been so scared in my life. He has been taken to intensive care and been sedated to stop him from having anymore. He has had a Brain scan and they couldn’t find anything abnormal which was a good thing. I have done some reading and it seems people with dementia can be prone to this.
well I would never want to see anyone go through this and hope and pray that my hubby doesn’t either
Just another thing for my poor hubby has to deal with and myself and our children.


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Oct 5, 2018
my mum has frequent seizures and fainting up to about 30 seconds and then she regains awareness. When they first started it was scary because a) anyone having a seizure or fainting is scary and b) i had never seen my mum like that before. One time in hospital after a fall i witnessed her have a full seizure and then go utterly limp. I thought she had died and actually cried out loud. Despite frequent hospital visits and checks no specific cause has been identified, so now when they happen we manage it at home, ad the hospital environment makes mum even worse.


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Mar 20, 2019
A daily dose of anti-convulsant medication has completely controlled my wife's seizures for a year.


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Apr 30, 2019
South East
What an upsetting thing to witness @Nanny k , hope your husband is home soon with the right treatment to manage this . Take care of yourself .

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