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Feeling cold all the time


Registered User
Nov 16, 2016
Moreton, Wirral. UK.
Is it a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease to feel cold even when central heating is on in July and room temperature over 21.5C? Pauline is sitting here with cardigan on and tartan blanket wrapped around her saying repeatedly, “I’m fed up,” and when asked why she complains of the cold whereas I am as warm as toast. No amount of diversion or distraction works against this.


Registered User
Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Yes, it does seem to be quite common. One of the first signs I noticed in mum was that she started to complain of draughts and being cold, even though she had previously always said what a lovely warm house I had.

My FIL (with vascular dementia) always insisted on having the fire on, even in summer, and it was so hot that I couldnt stand it for long and had to go outside to cool down!

I also noticed that mums care home was very warm, but many of the residents were all bundled up in cardies and blankets

Norfolk Cherry

Registered User
Feb 17, 2018
Same experience here. I found the plug in electric shawl worked well, I bought it on Amazon, but you can get rugs that you plug in too. Really cosy, turn off themselves after an hour.


Registered User
May 22, 2020
Heating on because you don't want to get cold ...back door open because I need fresh air " mums lovely logic !


Registered User
Dec 30, 2017
Just had a garden visit with my wife, she was in a wheelchair with a cardi and a blanket, it was a little breezy but the sun was making appearances. I was wearing a short sleeve shirt but she spent the whole visit complaining of the cold and asking could we go onside.


Registered User
Apr 4, 2018
I thought it was old age with my OH, but he is always cold, and I feel as If I am on the change all the time, as I can’t stand the heat. I have the electric heating off at the moment and luckily he cannot work it, but he put the convector fire on last week for the dog! He complains every morning that it’s cold, but I just ignore him.

White Rose

Registered User
Nov 4, 2018
He complains every morning that it’s cold
'Cold' was normally my partner's first word when he came downstairs for breakfast after I'd dressed him. Not quite so bad now, maybe because it's summer (doesn't look like it today though) or maybe because he's no longer taking Donepezil.


Registered User
Sep 6, 2017
Oh yes, memories of the past few summers with me furtively opening windows after dad had closed them along with the blinds. Didn't matter how hot it was outside, as soon as it started to get dark dad would say 'I think I should close those windows'


Registered User
Jul 14, 2020
Oh yes, I so know what you mean. Mum wrapped up for a snowy Winters day and me having hot flushes all over the place! Their system does not seem to be able to regulate them any more. Just try your best to keep them warm and cosy.


Registered User
Nov 16, 2016
Moreton, Wirral. UK.
Oh so good to know that it is ‘Normal,’ and it is not just bloody mindedness on her part, thank you one and all from an uncomfortably warm living room on the Wirral.

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