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Feeling a bit mean

White Rose

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Nov 4, 2018
Himself kept me awake half the night - think he has yet another cold as he sniffs and blows his nose continually. Finally at 5 am I put him in his dressing gown, took him downstairs with blankets, put the TV on low and went back to bed. Of course he was up and down the stairs but didn't find me and I got a couple of hours of disturbed sleep. When I got up he was dozing on the sofa. I've just given him a shower and after helping him on with the underwear I've left him to manage shirt buttons and trousers. I know this is really mean as it will take him ages to get it sorted and he'll get the trousers around the wrong way but I'm really tired so I'm just buying time to myself. Feeling guilty now so going to rescue him!


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Apr 8, 2018
Nooooo@ White Rose...do not feel guilty, you are doing your very best and sometimes we just have to leave them to it, may take him a while but enjoy a few minutes to yourself.
(( hugs )) A x


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Apr 2, 2016
Basingstoke, Hampshire
Certainly don't feel guilty. Sometimes you just have to take a step back. But yes, it does niggle at your conscience. I've done it, left him to it, just to leave the room and take a breath. But I did feel guilty when he came looking for me with his arm and his head poking out of the neck of his t-shirt, totally unable to go one way or the other. I felt guilty because I couldn't help laughing.