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Feel awful but need to moan about my week


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May 10, 2005
Thursday My hubby, George, had another TIA, I worry about how blase I have become - forget the doctor, forget the hospital they cause more upset and agitation. Decided to wait the customary 24/48 hours for the effects to wear off. We were in Anglesey at the time and after sleeping Through to Friday there was little improvement.
Friday - He slept through again.
Saturday a little better but not much. Decided to come home - he slept all the way. Straight to bed when we got home.
Sunday a little more improvement but still exhausted and unable to stay awake. - Getting a bit worried.
Monday morning my one day off, (I go to college) after making an appointmnet with the doc for 5 pm and organising cover off I go leaving him asleep.
5 pm Docs - nothing he can do preventative medications at the limit, but keep an eye on him and blood tests Tuesday morning.

Tuesday - Out of bed for blood tests 11.30 am. Back to bed. Up at 1.15 pm to go to Triage nurse re arthritis problems.

Well hip hip hooray serves me right for being blase - needs surgery on Knee - Knee replacement. Needs surgery on hands for duprydens contracture.

Back home and back to bed his speech is much better but still falling over and still very very tired.

Thanks for listening!
Anne xxxx