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Feeding tube,should i have removed


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Jan 1, 2016
Dear friends, my mom is 77 and has a peg tube because she had a vocal cord injury while having a biopsy(lung) 1.5 yrs ago,that caused silent aspiration. My mom was just diagnosed at the time,and i believe she has many yrs ahead of her.Dilemma #1
She's doing better, has a little aspiration, but overall doing much better with all the therapy and intervention.
Should i have her peg tube REMOVED now that she's doing better? I don't know what to do.


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Mar 26, 2014
Hi MoM001, as mentioned please do not do anything until you have discussed this fully with medical staff. Even a little aspiration can lead to complications resulting in fatality ( apologies for being so blunt ). Your mum needs her swallowing fully assessed by speech and language specialists . Only when she has passed this can you consider discontinuing PEG feeding . Take advice please . Good luck .