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Father's Day

Pork Pie lady

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Mar 16, 2013
Aw @Pork Pie lady, how incredibly sad. No wonder you cried. Just sending hugs. 🤗
Thank you. My house comes with my job and the people I work for told me to look for a bungalow, they will be paying all my removal expenses, adding slopes, making any other adaptations and giving me extra paid time off to move. My immediate boss is coming to the house for a whole day to do what ever I need help with. All this is on top of the offer of compassionate leave. A volunteer who I work alongside is coming with his twin brother next week to move and dismantle furniture and help me clean behind stuff as I am not allowed to lift. At the same time their mum is coming with their crazy lovable dog to entertain my husband (he is desperate to get a dog but we couldn't look after one) if he is home by then. I am so thankful to have a secure job with people who care so much, when I think about all this I won't stay miserable for long.