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Father recently diagnosed with potential vascular dementia awaiting rehab assessment

Richard Robinson 85

New member
Nov 21, 2020
Hi All,

My father has just left hospital to go into rehab for 12 weeks with early signs of vascular dementia according to the doctors reports. Has anyone gone through this recently? He has no assets as such, but does not have a will or LPA. Has anyone had to go through the process of appointing an LPA or court of protection order and what would be the process. He currently has a DOLS (deprivation of liberty) order on him which makes it a little bit more complicated so i am told. any advice of where to start would be great.


Volunteer Moderator
Dec 15, 2012
hello and welcome to DTP
it's good that your father will have the rehab to help him recuperate
it's general policy for a DoLS to be put in place, to give the home the ability to keep vulnerable residents in the home
this may help you work out finances re care fees
and it's worth trying to arrange LPAs and a will, as long as that's what your father wants ... though current covid restrictions may make it tricky to organise , as you probably won't be able to visit
you can use this site and do it yourself, or involve a solicitor