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Family member seems to have asphasia/dementia but won't seek treatment - any advice?


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Oct 9, 2013
Hi, my future father in law is 65 years old but now has a lot of problems with his speech - he doesn't say much these days but my fiance says he used to be very talkative - and when he does speak now he really struggles to find the right words. However, he doesn't acknowledge this problem and refuses to see his GP despite my fiance trying to make him go and prebooking the appointment for him. My fiance's sister has also tried talking to her father about it but to no avail. He seems physically fine.

Does anyone have any advice on how we could handle this situation? It's been going on for two/three years now and is obviously a growing concern.


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Mar 24, 2012
Hello hshc and welcome to talking point I am sorry no one has given you any advice yet but I will bump it to the top so it will be seen by someone who can help,,

Best wishes Jeany,


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Nov 8, 2012
I don't know if it would be possible, but could your future FIL be persuaded to go to the doctor for a/his flu jab? Our surgery is offering them to everyone 'of a certain age' over 60 I think. If you doctor was pre-warned, he could perhaps sneak in a little 'routine' memory 'test'.

I believe that your FIL's doctor would not be able to discuss anything with the family, but would take note of any information they might provide over the phone or in an email etc.