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Jun 1, 2004
Rochester, Kent
I have been watching the change that my Dad's dementia is having on the family. I am the only child and find it difficult at times to stay strong for mum and my feelings have to stay inside. Luckily at work I am able to talk about it and find great relief in being able to do that. I also have great support and understanding from my daughter and my 'other half'.

I would like to say thank you to all those writing and keeping me going by knowing I am not alone - although it takes this illness to happen before we seek help and find out that there are so many sufferers and carers.

Yesterday my Dad's youngest sister telephoned, we haven't seen ear since she moved away (2 years ago)- she called to tell us that Dad's elder sister (82yrs) has dementia! Apparently the 4 surviving children all suffer with high blood pressure - the reason given to me for Dad's dementia.

Aunt Rose lived on her own although cared for by her grandson who unfortunately was admitted to hospital - Aunt Rose then started wandering at night and is now in respite care.

My Dad goes out most mornings now, usually before the carers arrive, so his medication is delayed. This behaviour has escalated this last week and although he comes back home after a trip on a bus and the laspse of anything between 2 - 6 hours.
Tonight we have locked al the doors and Mum has the keys - so we will see if we can stop him at least before he has taken his tablets.

Kind wishes to all of you.