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Oct 21, 2012
Hi my first post is unfortunately a big grumble. As well as working, I care for my downs syndrome sis and my 88 yr old mum that has dementia. I am happy to do this, but I really wish my bro or one of my two nieces would occasionally stay the weekend and give me a break. They never call to ask how we are, nothing - the only communication is when they come up for Christmas to collect their pressies! Pls don't tell me to contact them - I have plenty of times - kept it light hearted and it is so one sided that I no longer have any interest in contacting them. I am so saddened, angry and hurt at their lack of care and if they were to get in touch with me now I would probably go mad at them! Any way I'm sure my sadness and anger will pass.


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Jan 14, 2010
East Kent
Hello Bishbosh
Welcome to TP
Oh My you do have a lot on your plate, I hope that you have some help ?, do you have anyone coming in for a few hrs to give you some time off, I had someone from crossroads a few hrs a week, it was a big help to me

I wouldnt dream of telling you to contact your 'invisibles'(thats what we call them on here)and I am sorry to say that in having invisibles you are in very good company here,
mind you if I had had them , invisibles I mean, I am afraid I wouldnt have been able to keep quiet, but thats just me

I know its unlikely but if they should phone you, maybe dont keep it so light hearted, maybe tell them a bit like it really is for you then if they dont come up trumps or at least try to help then you know where you stand, I say this because I am wondering if they just dont realise and think all is fine, though I know this is unlikely

Others will be along later today

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Apr 23, 2013
Hi Bishbosh
I am sorry that you have so much to cope with and on your own too. It must be very tiring for you and also frustrating knowing that those who could help choose not to :(
You are obviously a very caring sister and daughter. Be proud of that and glad that you are not someone who could turn their back on family. This of course does not help you get a break. I would find out if there is any respite or day care available to you. Just having a break now and again does make all the difference. My Mum goes to a day center once a week which she really enjoys and it gives me time to myself, even if it is only to catch up on chores etc
Welcome to the forum and wishing you all the best.
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