Eye Problem - Red Eye


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Mar 21, 2003
Hi All,

Dad has been having problems with his eyes since for a many years. His eyes are often dry and as I mentioned in other threads he keeps his eyes closed much of the time, even when eating and walking. We tried a few treatments and the optician has come up with nothing specific appart from conjunctivitis which he is treated for sometimes. We use artifical tears sometimes and make sure he drinks plenty of water to keep hydrated.

Recently one of his eyes became very red, really red an almost brownish red. We had the GP out and he says it is probably a a Sub-conjunctival Haemorrhage and we need to keep and eye on it. It look really sore.

Hopefully it will go away in time but it does look painful.

The GP mentioned that it is caused by a weakness of the eye and probably happened when dad sneezed. Or possibly by rubbing it to hard.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar with there loved one or indeed themselves? It is the weakness of the eye that puzzled me and I will bring it up with the GP again.

I've been concerned about his eyes for some time and it is often had to know what is being caused by ageing health issue and the onset of dementia.



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Jun 27, 2006
Craig - I'm reasonably sure that someone on here mentioned something about this over a year ago. It happened to them, they posted a picture (I think) and eventually it healed. I believe they said it didn't actually hurt - they woke up, looked in the mirror and there it was.

I suppose weakness in the eye means "weakness in one of the capilliaries in the eye". When any of those fail blood permeates the entire area and as it oxidizes it would look brown. SPeculation on my part though. The only slightly similar experience was when I experienced a blow back when I opened an oven and spent just under a week with a pad on each eye looking like a bandaged fly. Strangely, they didn't hurt except when I tried to open them.


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Dec 1, 2006
Hello Craig, I know this is going to sound pretty low-level advice, but my mum seems to get conjunctivitis from time to time and I now suspect that there is a connection simply between the cleanliness of her hands and eye infection. She rubs her eyes a lot and I think that must be a quick route for infection if her hands aren't clean. The carers don't always pick up on the state of her hands and nails unless I point it out or wash my mum's hands for her.


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Aug 9, 2007
Hi Craig

I remember this happening to both Mum and Dad in later years. Dad went to the GP as he had low pressure glaucoma to be told that it is just one of the small blood vessels breaking and it leaks blood. Apart from an initial feeling that there was something in his eye (I assume becuase it was slightly swollen where it happened there was no pain and he assured us that it felt much better than it looked!

It also happened to Mum a few years ago. Again no pan reported, just weakening of the blood vessels. I suppose if your Dad has conjunctival problems and has scratched this might have caused the problem. Both my parents happened over night!

Neither time was it related to dementia



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Jun 3, 2005
Hi Craig

Obviously it might not be the same cause (whatever it was)
but I was the person who posted about a year ago with a pic.
This happened to me twice in the space of a year, with no obvious cause.
No falls, bang on the head, poke in the eye etc. Just woke up looking like Dracula after a heavy night out. :eek:

In my case it wasn't at all painful or even uncomfortable, and just faded back to normal in 48 hours.
Both times I went to my doctor who more or less said "yeah, that happens sometimes. Don't worry about it."
As he's a good guy & DOES take me seriously when it matters, I trusted him & took his advice.

Best wishes


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Mar 22, 2008
Apparently sometimes blood vessels can just burst and it looks a mess. Half my eye went like that yesterday actually. I rang my Mum (who is an optician) and she said if it covered all the eye, I needed to go to the doctors. Its gone down today. It didnt hurt at all, I didnt even notice till I looked in the mirror!


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Nov 16, 2007
East Midlands
Lovely photo, Lynne,

Adding my twopennyworth..I've seen lots of these over the years..

They look really sinister but do normally resolve themselves over a period of time. Have never heard of them being painful..

They can happen spontaneously..or with a sneeze..and it is a small capillary that bursts..the blood has nowhere else to go..so it sits there until it's reabsorbed. If it happens in the nose you get a nose bleed.
It does seem to be quite common in elderly people..

Craig..I wouldn't be too worried by it..the doctor has seen it and it does generally resolve itself..but it won't happen overnight.

Hope this helps!

love Gigi xx


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Mar 21, 2003
Wow, thanks all. That has put my mind at rest. It has been about three days so will give it another five and see if it settles. His home it very reliable so sure they will keep an eye on it too.

Thanks for sharing your experience and to Lynne for kindly posting the picture.

Must admit that I find it hard when dad gets any problems like this. He can no longer tell me if it hurts or if his vision is impaired etc. So vunerable and delicate these days.

Again, thank you all


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Mar 6, 2007
Wigan, Lancs
Hi Craig,

Some years ago I had this in both eyes after being violently sick (after some high level over-indulgence). It looks absolutely horrendous but I can assure you I had no pain and only had to suffer the humiliation of wearing dark glasses in work and winning the title of office lush. :D:eek:

My friend who is a GP told me it was not uncommon and described it as a slight haemorrhage behind the eye which could be caused by sneezing or similar and was nothing to worry about (guesss I should be more concerned about my liver).

In my case it took over a week to clear up.


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Feb 17, 2006
Has anyone else experienced anything similar with there loved one or indeed themselves? It is the weakness of the eye that puzzled me and I will bring it up with the GP again

I also have had that , but just in one eye , I did not go to the doctor about it :rolleyes: . I remember having a cold , i just thought a blood vessel had bust in my eye , as I had seen it happen to my mother. my children where young at the time I do remember that where scared of it . Like sue I did not also feel any pain .


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Aug 9, 2005
Yes, another one here Craig! My husband often gets them. It seems to occur due to exertion - in his case, severe coughing associated with asthma. I usually notice it before he does - he says there is no pain at all. The eye usually takes a couple of days or more to get better. I wouldn't worry too much.


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Mar 21, 2003
Just been to see dad and his eye has definitely calmed down Still a bit red but the dark brown red has gone.

Thanks for all your replies which stopped me worrying over the last week. It just looked so painful and was new to me.

Had a good visit and dad was in fine form chatting away hugging etc. It was really hard to leave with him in such fine spirits.

I can't tell you what a difference taking dad off Quetiapine has made. It is no miracle but those 'special' moments (as my daughter calls them) are so much more regular. He even strings the odd sentence together now which never happened a few months ago. He also responds to some questions and can be very alert. I'm going to report back on this soon in another thread.

So thanks again for taking away my worry about the red eye, means a lot. If it happens again I know exactly what to expect.

It has also prompted me to try dad with his glasses again. I noticed one or two in the home wear glasses and I think dad is less likely to lose them in the home as they keep a closer eye on him.

Many thanks


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Feb 17, 2006
Please to read that your father eye is clearing up also coming of the medication he was on is making thinks more positive for him .

It is no miracle but those 'special' moments (as my daughter calls them) are so much more regular.
'special' moments

what a lovely way to put it .

Grannie G

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Apr 3, 2006
It just shows Craig how the family often know best. I wonder if any medic would have advised your father to come off Quetiapine.:rolleyes: No. It was left to you to take the responsibility, and as far as you knew at the time it could have gone either way.

I`m so pleased for your sake to hear of his improvement.

Good to hear the red eye is getting better too.:)

Love xx