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Extra care


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Jun 1, 2015
Spalding Lincolnshire
My mum who is 74 and has Alzheimer's diagnosed a few years ago is cared for by her husband, he's in his early ninetys. He is fit for his age and he does a grand job. A weekly cleaner, weekly hairdresser, gardener and me constructively grocery shopping for easy prep food.... And my sisters making monthly visits , has enabled them to remain at home. They even have a 90 year old lady take them out each week in her car, and another friend who takes them to lunch once a week.
I really worry about what would happen if he didn't appear at her bedside one morning with a cup of tea. Mum can't use the phone or even unlock doors by herself to raise the alarm. Do I install cctv ? !!!! It's difficult to ask him to phone us each morning to say alls, and to be honest I feel like it would be An intrusion. How else can I tell if he's up and about ? Any ideas ?? Thanks

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