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Experience of collapse/seizure and vomiting?


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Jan 18, 2020
After several days of ramped up wandering episodes I took my mum to a and e on Sunday to check for an infection. While waiting to be triaged she suddenly said there was something over her eyes. Suddenly her arms and legs twitched… a passing paramedic and I caught her before she passed out. She had two “vacant episodes” and then proceeded to vomit for about 90 mins. She had numerous checks including UTI, chest x ray, ct scan, bloods etc. Her oxygen levels were up and down as was blood pressure over 24 hours. All this has been put down to “progression of Alzheimer’s” but now back home she is very breathless despite being otherwise very fit and strong. I’m wondering if anyone else has experience of this in late moderate stage?


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Sep 9, 2020
I would ask GP to check her chest. It is just possible that she might have inhaled when vomiting, and could have developed an aspiration pneumonia.