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Expecting fireworks!!


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May 7, 2019
Saw dad yesterday. He is struggling to get off the toilet even though he is using the Sara steady and a raised toilet seat. I have told him it is getting more difficult and he agrees. Every time I see him it is now the mantra”I’m getting worse “. In the other breath it is”I will be glad to get rid of the frame “.
Yesterday when standing him up to clean his behind whilst he his holding on to the Sara Steady all I got was.”Can you hurry up. I can’t stand much more as my hip is hurting “He was only standing about 5mins...He cannot stand straight at all. He is like a question mark.
Last night putting him to bed I used the Sara Steady as I cannot get him straight up the bed when he walks as it is impossible to do a complete turn in his small bedroom as he has inbuilt wardrobes and dressing table.He actually didn’t mind using the Sara Steady.
I have phoned the Community Rehab Team this morning @moving his hospital bed from his small bedroom to the dining room. They are able to do it. The Stores people are going to let me know what day. I haven’t told dad as I know he will create. I hate doing it but it is for everyone’s safety as well as his. He isn’t going to get better and if he does need nursing then at least we can get to him from both sides.
I will have to be there otherwise he will refuse and tell them to go.. Even though he cannot walk on his own... Expecting fireworks!!!!

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