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Excessive sleeping


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Jan 30, 2022
Hi all
Just need to put this down on paper
Mum is in late stage Altzheimers/vascular Dementia She’s 89 with lots of other health issues
Every visit is different mood can change in an instant but the last 3 visits she has been very sleepy I know they have upped the dose of one of her anti depressants and today’s visit was very weird
She was asleep when I got there and looked really comfortable so I left her for a bit then when I saw her moving I gentle said I was there which she acknowledged but kept her eyes closed and with seconds of me pouring her drink she was back asleep again Then the carers came in and asked if they could change mums position and I thought this will wake her up because she hates being turned and gets upset which she did for about 5 mins Then I thought she would be awake and tell me how bad the carers were for moving her but she didn’t she just went back off to sleep again Today is the first time since she has been in the care home that I have not told her I was going but she looked comfortable and I did not want to disturb her I know they can sleep a lot at this stage but this has seemed to come on really quickly Am I right in thinking the dementia has progressed again
Thanks for any advice 😊


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Aug 31, 2003
I'm sorry to hear about your concerns over your mum @Sufish. I know how distressing it can be.

My own experience was that both my mum and my husband slept a lot as their dementias progressed. I'd imagine others have had the same experience.

Wishing you strength.