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Oct 7, 2006

im just wondering if i could get some help for an essay im writing. would anyone mind telling me 2 good points and 2 bad points of there relitives care when they were in hospital. Every thing im told will be kept strictly confidential



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Feb 24, 2006
2 bad points: being put in the shower and having hair washed when she clearly wasn't strong enough; being sat in a semi-circle round a noisy radio which no-one seemed to want to listen to ...

I could tell you a whole lot more bad points, can't think of any good points at the moment.

I'm talking about the last hospital my mother was put in, her own local hospital was better, but no longer accepts over 70's.



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Oct 3, 2006
Your essay

Two good points when my mum has been in hospital...- 1- Someone would always feed her if I wasn't there. - 2- They made sure I was informed as to how much she ate/or drank that day. Two bad points (There are many more) -1- Being left sitting on the chair soaked in urine. -2- Just plonking hot beaker of tea in her reach...hence the inevitable.


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May 14, 2006
I don't honestly think there were any good points, when Mum stayed in hospital after she fell and broke her hip. The bad points are too numerous to mention fully.

1.The elderly patients were terribly distressed by the awful, clinical, impersonal conditions in the hospital ward.
2. No one was called by their name, because name cards were not allowed above the beds. ( Why? I have absolutely no idea!)
3.Hot tea was put in plastic beakers and placed in front of my mother, when it was scalding hot, or else it was placed out of her reach.
4.She didn't eat for the first couple of weeks, but no one seemed to notice until she'd lost a lot of weight.
5.Very restricted visiting in afternoons and evenings only, not meal times, when I could have helped Mum with her food.
6.Virtually no physiotherapy. Mum is unable to walk now and is in a NH.
7.Relatives made to feel in the way and very little information given out.
8.Mum had to wait 48 hours for her hip replacement operation and she has severe rheumatoid arthritis. Meanwhile, they were continuing to take in non-emergency cases. Mum was so stiff, and her joints so painful after all the time lying flat on her back, that she couldn't bear to stand up.
9. It was a brand new hospital, but why does everything need to be white? It can be very confusing for patients with poor vision. A few colours would have made the ward less confusing and frightening.
10. Mum kept trying to climb out of bed, so they had to put her in the corridor. She was very distressed in hospital. Why can't the wards be cosier and less clinical? A day room with a TV would be very helpful for elderly patients and they could be with others.
I'm sure I could find lots more bad points and I find it really upsetting that Mum was treated so badly in hospital. If she had been able to have the operation the next day and she hadn't lost so much weight, I'm sure she'd have walked again. Now she is stuck in a Nursing Home.


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Mar 16, 2005
Hi Han,

The first time Dad went into hospital for an assessment there were no good points for us either. (See http://www.alzheimers.org.uk/TalkingPoint/Discuss/showthread.php?t=1422).

His second stay was a little better - perhaps because of different newer hospitals, a care worker who seemed particulary caring, and also we knew what to expect, lost clothes etc. Although a bad point this time was that Dad's medication was stopped without any consultation with the family.

Good luck with the essay.


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Mar 12, 2005
West Sussex
Bad points.....will keep it to the 2 but I could give you a lot more.
1: Mum was kept waiting so long before a doctor saw her on the ward that the paharmacy was closed and she had no pills given to her.......not a happy experience. We went and collected hers from the home and gave them to her ourselves as the nurses were not allowed to!

2: Although told over and over that Mum had AD and would wander off, she got out of the ward 4 times in the night.

Good points
1: The lady in the next bed had a relative with AD and alerted the nurses to each "escape bid" getting little sleep herself.

2: Mum only stayed ther one night!!

Never ever again would I subject her to such trauma, medical staff seem to have no idea what to do with AD sufferers.


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Jan 4, 2006
Good points.
1. nurses gently touching Mum's hand as they walked past her bed even though she was unconscious.

2. Nurse playing my Dad's music cd's for him even though he was unable to ask for this, after I told her it helped to calm him down when he was anxious.

Both of these show respect and care and were acts of kindness.

Bad points.
1. Nurse not allowing me to go into the ward to my Mum, 3 hours before she died , because I was half an hour too early. I had been given a card with the wrong visiting hours but she wouldn't budge one inch. When I was let in, it was obvios that my Mum would die very soon. I had to tell the nurse this,and she still suggested that i look for a nursing home for her.

2. A nurse who, when feeding my Dad through his tube forgot to clamp it first, causing his stomach contents to drain out onto his covers. This was an accident but to then say @oh ****@ was not. Just because someone has Alzheimers dosn't mean that they shouldn't be treated with respect.

Both examples show a total lack of care or thoughtfulness.

Hope this is of help. Zan

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