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EPA - No Way!!!!!!!!!!


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Oct 9, 2003
When my mum first became ill I had absoulty no idea of the stress it would cause to me personally! As she is only 54 she is entitled to all sorts of benefits, and so you spend endless hours and phone calls to get them sorted out, then when she went into care more forms and more complications and more phone calls and endless stress.............

Now all her life savings have now been all used up on her care, ensuring that her lifestyle has been made as happy and carefree for her as possible and ensuring that she lived as she would live if she was mentally capable - I then inform Social Services that her capital is below £12k and that all of her benefits are to pay for her care and she will be allowed a measly £17.50 per week to 'live' on (she wont as she will continue to use the remainder of her savings). Social Services now want to know why she has spent more than what 'they guessed she would' and want copies of bank statements upto 8 months ago and I get the Spanish Inqusisition from Social Services and be made to feel like I have done something wrong!!!!!!

Have I done something wrong?????? By ensuring that my mum is taking out on day trips most days, ensuring that she is dressed smartly, because she has been ill her dress size has changed several times (as she would have been when she was not ill), making sure her room at the home looks nice, buying presents for her Great-Grandaughter, Grandaugther, Daugther & Son-In-Law and freinds for birthdays/anniversarys/weddings etc......basically spending the money as 'she would have seen fit' if she was mentally capable ???????????? Is this not the responsibity of the EPA ?

So why do they make me feel like a criminal ?
Would I be an EPA know what I know now - not a chance !