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End stage vascular dementia


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Apr 3, 2014
near Folkestone
Anyone been through the last stage of vascula dementia. Want to know what to expect. thank u x
Hello overtherainbow don't know about last stage yet but wanted to say hello :) I am sure someone will be along soon with some advice. It must be such a difficult time for you . Lots of hugs xx

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Oct 8, 2011
One of my aunts has vas dem. We found she recognised us and could speak to us almost right up to the end. A lot of what she said made no sense at the end,but some of it did.

She had a series of small strokes, but was able to move about and eat/drink by herself.

In the end,she suddenly was unable to walk,stopped eating,then stopped drinking. Auntie did not appear to be in any pain,and this final bit only took a month.

Obviously this varies a lot from person to person,but this aunts illness was much easier to cope with than her sister'. Her sister had a diagnosis of Alz disease.

Please try and take one day at a time,hoping things will not be too hard on you


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Mar 26, 2011
Near Southampton
I don't think it's much different from the final stage of Alzheimer's or other dementia.
My husband's final days seem to have followed a similar pattern to those of other sufferers mentioned her.
However, each person is different even if there are similarities.