End of my mum's life


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Jun 4, 2008
North west England.
Thank you for all your replies to my mum's passing to this horrible disease. The funeral was held on Monday which was very difficult but at the end of the day mum is now at peace.

"Please do not grieve, for I am all around you,
In the stillness of the air and the swirling wind
In the warmth of the sun and the cooling rain,
I am just a thought away,
Much closer than you will ever know.
For I live on, in memories that you hold
Not in a dream
But a reality of what we achieved together.

Now eternal life has beckoned me
To a place where I now abide
To be reunited with my past
My family and friends who have gone before
A new plateau and a new beginning.
So, enjoy your life to the full
And when your time comes
I shall be waiting for you.

Thank you.


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Oct 19, 2009
A lovely poem, @wazzer . Of course, you will miss your mum dreadfully, but I hope you can be comforted by knowing that she is no longer in the grip of dementia.