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End of life


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Aug 8, 2019
My partner died last March. He had vascular dementia. At the end he went down hill fast & died in hospital after being there for a week. My ex husband has vascular dementia & copd. He has been in hospital for 5 weeks & has been sent back to his home to die. The doctor said he has about 2 weeks left. He is being looked after by his son 24/7 & carers are going in 4 times a day. He is still eating & drinking a little & is on antibiotics for a chest infection. He is speaking clearly & understanding things. Our son says its as though his dementia has gone. Has anyone had any experience of this happening?


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Oct 21, 2019
But thank you so much for posting!
Your post is so interesting.
I thirst for knowledge! And posts like your are what makes me continue to return to the site and read so many posts.
Such a sad time for you! I wish you well.
Please update if you able ( I realise you may not be able to, so you are forgiven in advance if you don’t!)
Also be prepared that sometimes when you think you have got everything sorted in your brain, people with dementia can turn everything upside down ? E.g wake up and say ‘I fancy a steak’ !
Life is a rollercoaster, wishing you well.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
I have no experience of this, but Ive heard of it - its called terminal lucidity.
You might find this helpful


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Apr 8, 2018
I have no experience of this, but Ive heard of it - its called terminal lucidity.
You might find this helpful
I may have experienced a small episode of this when my husband was dying. He was at the no food or drink stage and I said to him, sweetheart, are you trying to die and he replied yes, I can’t move ...
Before that he had not spoken for weeks, He died soon after. Warmest, kindred


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Mar 15, 2020
my husband has vascular dementia and copd so i was interested in the post. so sorry about the end of life position. it must be hard having both your ex-husband and husband having the same thing and both dying like that.i know your ex-husband hasnt yet but it must be very hard on you. look after yourself


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Aug 8, 2019
I have never heard of terminal lucidity before. What amazes me is that it affects people so differently. My partner turned violent at home, then again when he was in hospital but my ex husband seems to have gone the other way & is calmer.

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