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End of life plan


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Apr 8, 2013
Hi everyone, i got a call today from the nurse at my mothers home, i have to go in and talk about the end of life plan. She has had a rapid decline in the last few months and is now totally dependent on the carers.The nurse told me she is not swollowing very well so they have put her on liquid meds and food drinks, I just wanted to know what will they ask me, i want to prepare myself emotionally.
Obviously ive had a flood of tears tonight at the thought of what is to come, But i know its its something that no one can stop. ,My mother has lost the ability to sit up now and she just looks so out of it now, there are very little lucid moments and even when there are they are only for mins now and then.
It seems to have went over to fast and the progress has been so rapid with her , all the meds etc have done nothing for her at all. Its so heartbreaking to see it, I know everyone on here has been or will be or is going through the same thing. I just need to prepare my mind, ive thought for a few weeks now that this could be coming but i just want to know that if they are making a end of life plan, does that mean she is really close to the end.