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End of life, happening too quickly. Is this normal.


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Jan 14, 2018
Hi @Duggies-girl. Thank you for your update at this sad time. Your comment about 'real gentleman' was touching and something I can empathise with.

Fully understand your last couple sentences. All the best and hugs to you


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Mar 17, 2019
Thank you @myss and everyone. We are still here just the same as before with dad getting a bit weaker every day. It's heartbreaking for us all but we are putting a brave face on for dad or trying to at least. The carers (two wonderful girls) are coming twice a day to help get dad out of bed and into his chair and then back to bed in the evening. He still likes to sit in his chair and wear his nice shirt and have his hair looking nice. The carers are very kind and like dad very much. One said that his generation are the best as they rarely complain and are mostly polite and reserved. That describes dad perfectly, a real gentleman.

He has eaten nothing and drinks little, he can't stand on his own and is using the commode now although he produces very little. He was looking for his baccy earlier although he has not smoked for 50 years. The morphine is helping him although he is more confused. He is aware of how he is though because he has asked me a couple of times 'why do they allow people to get into this state'

He sees other people in the room but he says they are not bothering him so we don't worry about them too much. I have just phoned his doctor to order some more morphine. It is hard to watch my dad go like this but his body is still fighting to go on so we just have to.

I know he is going sometime soon so I might not post for a little while because it is very upsetting to write this down. I will come back though.
When you say about your dad being a real gentleman, that's what you have to hold onto.Despite this terrible disease, he has managed to retain that quality. My mother was always singing, and charmed people up to her last few weeks. I am in awe sometimes at how people can maintain something of their humanity when facing this terrible disease. I am thinking of you at this difficult time.