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end of life desicions


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Jan 30, 2016
end of life desicions

my grandmother has been diagnosed with vascular dementia for about 4 years and it currently in the later stages of the disease. she is unable to walk, stand or feed herself (basically she is unable to do anything) and is currently in bed all of the time due to pressure sores. a couple of weeks ago the home where she is asked me and my family about end of life care, we all have decided to put on her records for a natural death order.
After visiting the GP earlier on this week he has informed us that he thinks she just has weeks left to live and has come to a decision to stop all of the medications that she is currently taking these are.
- her Alzheimer's medication
- warfarin
one thing that does concern me is that they are stopping the warfarin all of a sudden and my worst fear is that she could have a blood clot in her brain and have a stroke. Is this safe? I know that she is in the later stages of dementia and can understand that she is not going to live forever and I also know that GP practices will only do what's best for the patients needs.

just posting this In search for anyone that has been through this before or is experiencing it.
many thanks
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Sep 27, 2006
I would phone the doctor and ask can you have a word with him/her about stopping the warfarin? He/she would be the best person to ask about this