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end of life care plan


Registered User
Jul 17, 2016
Hello my mum is end of life care in extra care housing, care staff are based in the building.The care from regular staff is 100% but my concern is when new staff go into mum there is despite a number of emails to manager no end of life care plan in the folder in her flat.
Any suggestions of my next step to the manager?


Volunteer Moderator
Dec 15, 2012
hi @Buttercup24
sorry to hear of your mum's condition
it's good that you have confidence in the regular staff
as they are aware of the care plan it may well be that the manager briefs all staff fully, though I inderstand your desire to have the care plan readily available
can you call the manager, write a letter .... maybe take your concern up a level to their manager/the owner, saying you're happy with the ovetall care but want reassurance on this specific issue