Employing neighbours as carers


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Oct 14, 2004
I live with and support my aunt who has early stage vascular dementia. I am considering employing my neighbour who is a younger disabled househusband to pop in to see Pat in the evenings whilst I am away from home.

Does anyone have any experience of employing neighbours or people who are on benefits?



Well, the government has - it's called the black economy.

People on benefits are entitled to work a total of 16 hours per week but the amount may affect the amount of their benefit. The whole damn business is fraught with complications. Why don't you just do it and tell nobody else your business, a sort of payment with the recipient responsible for their own decisions.

Normally you cannot work and receive income support on the basis of sickness/incapacity. However, in certain cases some work may be permitted. Rules allow voluntary work, or a limited amount of paid work. This is sometimes known as therapeutic/permitted work. The local benefit office must be informed prior to commencement of work. There are special rules for people who are disabled and get Income support but do not earn a lot.