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Emotional manipulation


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Jan 27, 2021
Yesterday was a rough day, we had a nurse out to reassess my mum, her dementia is getting worse. The nurse has made an appointment for a doctor to see mum. She had a terrible night confused and upset. I calmed and reassured her and she went to Sleep. this morning she is giving me and my dad the cold shoulder, a bit of emotional manipulation going on, (she’s done this kind of think before her diagnosis) is it b3st to just leave her to it? Every time me are dad have spoken to her she has barely said a word.


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Jul 23, 2017
N Ireland
I've found it's best to leave them to it @Calliope74

My wife can 'huff' like that but I just take the joy I get from a bit of silence and know that her lack of memory will let her forget soon enough.

Some people with dementia are renowned for their ability to interact on an emotional level, even when other social skills have been lost. My wife can't make new memory and when she has been in a huff for a while she probably couldn't tell you why - she seems to just know that she's in a huff about something so she stays that way until the power of the emotion has waned.


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Mar 1, 2021
Hi @Calliope74 ,
In Italy we say " Don't get on his/her merry-go-round ". They are very good at making you feel guilty.
My husband 's reasoning faculties and memory are extremely poor, but he is still good at trying to manipulate me.
This is on point with my husband. I will remember the "Don't get on his merry-go-round" next time it occurs. Thank you! Intellectually I get it when this behavior occurs but emotionally it can be challenging at best. Distancing and not getting on the ride is a good option.

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Oct 29, 2014
Welcome to the community @ksa. Good to see you have found some good advice already and I think we all share that emotional reaction that can get in the way of what we know intellectually.