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EMI definition / explanation


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Jan 19, 2011
North East England
Could anyone please direct me to a website or factsheet where EMI nursing is explained? We know it stands for Elderly Mentally Infirm, and I know it's generally thought to be a bit of an out-of-date term, but it's still being used by my mam's social worker, and by our local care homes.

Dad would like to see some sort of definitive explanation of how EMI nursing differs from other types of nursing, if possible. I've had a google but can't seem to pin it down.

Many thanks :)


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Jan 30, 2009
As I understand it, and this is what my mum has, it is care carried out under the guidance and supervision of registered nurses who have a mental health qualification. As far as mum's care goes they have a very good understanding of all forms of dementia and they are very competent at assessing what is the correct amount of medication for mum (they know all about the psychiatric meds she is on), they also are able to have mum in there when she is suffering as she currently is from something nasty and they know exactly what to do.
We had a very good explanation years ago from one of the emi places we looked around. I guess it is mainly that you get properly qualified nurses.

Pete R

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Jul 26, 2014
Could anyone please direct me to a website or factsheet where EMI nursing is explained?
I tried to obtain the same last year. I had found a nice EMI NH for my Mom but the LA refused to let her go there as they said she was not EMI (I later found out it was due to the cost being higher). I asked for a copy of the "rules" and again they refused.

Other problems with the LA pushed it out of my mind but I will send off a FOI request later today.

Sorry that is not much help.:)