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Emergency Respite Care Question


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Jul 27, 2015
My dad was admitted Into hospital on Thursday. He is my mums sole carer but we have been watching the situation decline over the past 3 to 4 years, visiting various care homes every time there is some sort of hiatus, but my dad has never fully committed to placing my mum and we have acquiesced to his wishes, despite our concerns.
On Friday social services came good and found a home for my mum once I had explained how she cannot be left as she is totally dependent on him. I had looked at this home previously on paper, so to speak, but dismissed it as too expensive so was very surprised when our local council selected it. The lady I spoke to said that the Council had a special contract with this home which is less than 50% of the full fees. As my mum will be self-funding this is a big concern for us. We left it too late to apply for an LPA as her cognitive ability was too far gone. Consequently, we are in the hands of social services.
My question is how long can she stay there under these circumstances? Up to now there has been no financial assessment. I truly have no idea what savings my mum has, but they are above the threshold and probably enough to keep her for about 9 months in this present home at the FULL fees. Would she then have to move to somewhere cheaper?
All advice welcome!


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Aug 30, 2013
Might be worth talking to the home, along the lines of, would they accept her at LA rates despite her being self funding?
Find out first, probably from father as to what mother has in the way of savings in her name only, and half of any joint accounts.
Less than £14,000 LA pay. Between £14,000 and £16250 there is a sliding scale of charges. Above £16250 you are self-funding. (Please check for exact amounts, I'm only quoting roughly)
Remembering that father will still be living in the house, so that won't be counted in her financial assessment.



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Jul 7, 2019
Social services should do an assessment, but push for the memory clinic team to asses as well .
FNC, cHC & social care all have different criteria & having gone through this whole process with Dad I have learnt a lot- basically no one wants to pick up the tab for care package!
Aged Mother is now benefiting from that learning g curve!

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