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Emergency dementia support


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Jan 22, 2021
We have had a really tough few days with MIL, where she has had periods of extreme agitation, hysterical and started to get violent.
We have managed to calm her down but just wondered what the process would be for assistance if for whatever reason she has a worse episode where she's could be a danger to herself or us and we can't calm her? Would it be a case of ringing for emergency services?
I really have no clue but would want to be prepared if it happens again.


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Feb 25, 2014
South coast
Yes, you phone the police. They are trained in this sort of situation and have the authority to contact the emergency psychiatric team. They will also send a report to social services.

However, as its only been there for a few days, have you had her checked to see if there is an infection of some sort (often a UTI)? An infection can often have a horrible affect on people with dementia and make the symptoms much, much worse. If you can get a urine sample from her it might be worth taking that in to be checked and/or getting her checked over by the GP.


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Aug 31, 2003
I agree with @canary that a UTI can leas to aggressive behaviour and that it’s worth having this checked out.

In the past members have posted about how supportive they have found the police in this kind of situation. A visit from police will prompt a vulnerable person report and will be shared with Social Services. It’s good to have this kind of this logged. If you already have contact with the Social Services I think it would be a good idea to contact them and discuss the situation - again this will lead to a record of what has been happening. It’s good to have this kind of the on record for discussion of future support needs.


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Aug 7, 2021
I was in this position with my mom a few weeks ago. She had been given antibiotics as a precaution for a UTI but things just got worse. She wandered out of the house in the middle of the night was picked up by the police and returned home. I then ended up staying with her whilst the GP, Crisis, a Consultant and Mental Health faffed around. Five days later I was still with her 24/7 and when I stopped her leaving the house in the middle of the night to 'shut the neighbours up' - there was no noise she started to become violent. The GP said if a situation escalated I needed to call 999 which I did - my mistake was asking for an ambulance I should have asked for the police.

999 and the police are your first port of call for help in a Crisis.


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Jan 22, 2021
Thank you all for your replies.
We had the doctor round who confirmed no UTI but her delirium may be caused by some other underlying issue - pain somewhere which she's been unable to communicate properly to us perhaps. She has an ongoing knee problem which it could be so we now have paracetamol to give regularly and the doctor also prescribed some medication to calm her a little so hopefully that will help.

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