effects of corona virus on our daily lives as carers


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Apr 18, 2016
Being at home all day, I liked meeting neighbours for a chat or the tesco delivery men having a chat/laugh for a few mins. The siblings would visit and it would be a break.

The siblings and my nieces who are only 2 and 6 months arent going to visit for a number of weeks in case of passing on the virus to our mother or ourselves. A neighbour dropped a card in the letterbox wishing us well-she didnt want to call due to the virus. The tesco delivery man, who we know from regular shopping with them over the years wasn't allowed in to house and left groceries on doorstep and stood a good bit away as we had a quick chat.

These things have made me sad as it was already a lonely experience being a carer.

My mother has a dnr, no antibiotics etc will be given. She gets the virus then thats it, would she even be allowed visitors in hospital, would she be given any sort of support if they are under such pressure?If she gets it then we get it and would have to isolate. There is talk here in ireland that the victims are buried without a funeral and you have it at a later date. My sister would be considered vulnerable also and so we are worried about it coming in our door.

Such uncertain times ahead. I wish you all the very best.


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Jul 28, 2019
Yes, I feel like you. Very isolated. My dad has dementia as well as heart disease and asthma.

all these messages about how people can spend the time doing things they always wanted, watch movies learn to paint... this is not my reality. Mum and dad had a cleaner who won’t be coming in so yesterday I was cleaning as well as cooking for my parents. Mum can’t visit the hairdresser so I need to wash and dry her hair Today.

Dont get me wrong I want to help. we are lucky we have the chance to keep them safe, I am not sure what this will do to my own mental health as I was at breaking point a few times since Christmas. All our limited support mechanisms have been pulled out from us.

i felt exhausted yesterday. So far only my eldest son understands, he is phoning me every day which I am appreciating so much.

When the news broke about the virus dad was terrified. He has false memories and imagined he had been into Tesco a lot of times and everyone had it, he felt he would give it to mum. It’s hard to reassure this without contradicting! It passed. He has lots of things in the garage he enjoys looking at So potters in and out the house, I had his medication delivered and he shook the drivers hand.

Had to take him in and get him to wash. yesterday he was talking to the food delivery man. I am finding it so stressful. He just doesn’t remember. Maybe I need to keep him in if things are coming, I might be able to that more once I am set up better.

in the meantime I think we need to rely on the support of this forum, and try not to look to far down the road.


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Apr 2, 2016
Basingstoke, Hampshire
I do find being a carer very lonely. As my husband's walking is now very poor we look forward to people visiting, which has now had to stop. I also look forward to my weekly take-a-break, but I've today cancelled that for tomorrow. I don't drive so I have to use public transport and that worries me. So we stay in, just the two of us. Just to try and stay safe. It does worry me that a lot of people are just not taking this virus seriously.