Ebixa emerging again!


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Oct 15, 2005
Hello everyone

Just wanted to know if anyone has had some experience with Ebixa long-term or does it inevitably come to a stage when Ebixa has to be discontinued. I have, as is my habit, delved into past posts but thought would check on some unreported experiences of long term use of Ebixa. If discontinued, what does one do next?

I finally resorted to having mum on Ebixa with Olanzapine (despite what FDA says) as this combination turned out to be the best for her in that she started 'to behave' and is apparently more coherent as deduced from her 'witty' one line answers to my simple questions such as : 'Did my cousin bring you some ice-cream?'
Mum: 'No.He couldn't figure out where the shop was!'

Warm regards to all TP members!

Canadian Joanne

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Apr 8, 2005
Toronto, Canada
Hi Sue,
Glad to see you back with us!:) My mother has been taking Ebixa for about 3 years. She used to be on olanzapine but she was switched to quetiapine due to increased weight concerns. I don't think the "increased chances of death" are anything to worry about for people in our situation.

By the way, can anyone explain how one can "increase the chance of death". This is a terminology which drives me absolutely frantic, so much so I would love to slap someone:mad: . Far as I'm aware, there is ZERO way to either increase or reduce the chance of death. It's going to happen & that's all there is to it.

I do realize they mean that a person can live longer (maybe) if one does this & not that & all those things & half the bl**dy time there's other research showing the exact opposite of whatever it they're yammering about.

People who can't use language properly irritate me beyond belief (can you tell?:D )

But I disgress (as usual). Sue, if olanzapine & Ebixa work for you, stick to it. Never mind what the FDA says. If your mother is more settled and happier, that's the only thing that matters.

Welcome back


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Feb 17, 2006
Lancs, England
Hi Sue,
My Hubby has been on Ebixa for almost 4 yrs for which I have to pay £273 for 3 mths supply. He has 10mg. morning and night and once I tried to cut it down by half and immediately he started to go downhill again. I shall carry on as long as I feel it is doing him good. He is well into the later stages of AD [I think] and now needs help with feeding but in himself he is quite happy.
Do as your heart tells you and if you get it free you have a more understanding Trust than we have.
Love Aileen


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Aug 29, 2006
SW Scotland
Hi Sue

John has been on Ebixa (free) for a year now, with Reminyl. I'm not sure how effective Ebixa is in his case, I didn't notice any marked improvement like I did with Reminyl. But I'd be scared to take him off it in case he deteriorates and I couldn't get it again.

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