Ebixa and Kidney Problems


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Mar 6, 2007
Wigan, Lancs
I have mentioned that my Dad who was prescribed Ebixa in December had had a blood test to check his kidney function. The result was 'not good' and we thought that maybe the Ebixa was causing impairment of his kidneys. This led us to panic as he cannot be prescribed Aricept due to a pre-existing heart condition. In the words of the Consultant this would leave us kind of nowhere.:eek:

The drug company's response was that it was very unlikely that kidney impairment would be caused by the Ebixa and having talked to other doctors the cause might just as likely be old age or blocked arteries to his kidneys which same problem has led to strokes and therefore to VaD.

We decided that we would have another kidney test to see if the last one was a 'blip'. We have had the result today and it appears that the result was an improvement so he will stay on the Ebixa. Panic over:) (til the next one)

Just wanted to clear things up in case my earlier posts had lead people to panic that Ebixa leads to kidney problems.

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