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Eating weird things


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Dec 9, 2015
My mum has started eating a lot recently even taking food from other family members while they are eating. She has also started eating weird things like soap and candles even though they look like what they are and do not look like fruit for example. Why is this and what can be done?


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Dec 15, 2012
Hi Teez
A warm welcome to TP
I know my dad likes to eat - it's something that can calm him and comfort him
and at times he is not sure what is food and what isn't - he tried to eat a domino thinking it was a biscuit - and he doesn't always recognise drinks as they are in a beaker or mug and I think he just 'sees' the container not realising the drink is inside it - I keep a careful look out when it's a meal time and coax him along with drinks
so I guess this is part of the dementia
I think there's a particular form that does affect eating in that the person will just eat and eat - I'm sure someone with specific knowledge will offer more information