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Eating Problem


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Mar 19, 2012
Hi , yes my Dad ate very slowly, it is something they can have with Alzheimer's.......good news is your husband is eating which is very positive x


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Feb 18, 2013
North Notts
My Mum eats slowly but she spends time chopping it all up first nearly to a pulp especially if she doesn't want it, then says she had enough,! When I look at what she's done to it I wouldn't want it either. This can be embarrassing when we eat out, when the waitress/or clears the table she always says 'that was very nice, but just too much for me'. Reading others experiences it seems quite common. Don't know about the chopping up though, it looks a bit like a ritual.::confused: xx


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Sep 5, 2011
Thanks for the replies.

Velocity you are not alone with the problem you mention re your mum's eating as my husband does exactly the same! Have for many years now. He always cuts it up and then mixes it and then he can't enjoy the different tastes. I am so glad you mentioned this as your the first person to mention to me of knowing someone who does the same.

My husband eats so slowly, for example, can take 3/4 of an hour to eat some shepherds pie and the other day took over half an hour to eat half a slice of toast!



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Oct 5, 2013
Oh yes Reds, OH he's the same behaviour. So slow, coffee and cake takes an hour! I try to go to a cafe that has a paper for customers! Sometimes I leave him eating dinner if I get really bored! One of the saving graces is that he has a really small appetite anyway, but even so.....